This device is weatherproof and includes several features for optimal ease of use. In addition, the device features a padded armrest for comfortable detection. Has trouble accurately stating how deeply an object is below surface level. This device is weather resistant and offers surprisingly powerful detection for this price range. The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is one of the cheapest devices available on the market.

If you’re a diver, try and find a metal detector that can be full submerged in the water. In fact, you should even more so be searching for a metal detector that is waterproof. If you’re going to the beach, you should 100% get a metal detector that is water-resistant.

Our final choice is a kids metal detector that is the perfect way to inspire their inner treasure hunter. The RM RICOMAX metal detector machine is the ideal midway point for both adults and kids who share a love of searching for mud, grime, sand and stone in hopes of finding something worth keeping. If searching for treasure through bogs, sun, snow, or hail is something that tickles your fancy, then you’ll need a metal here detector that’s been built to handle all kinds of environments. Cheap metal detectors don’t always mean that it’s not something worth buying, and that’s proven with the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector, which takes the prize of our choice for the best value metal detector today. This wide range of capabilities makes it number one for us and is a metal detector that strikes gold, as far as we’re concerned.

It also does a good job of discriminating junk, so you’ll waste less time on unwanted items. You can create custom notch discrimination patterns – although beginners might feel more comfortable using one of the five pre-set modes.

Coil size can sometimes be mandatory in a competition, leaving users with no choice but to adhere to the guidelines. While their search improvements are efficient, the extra weight is where the cons come into play. Certain models are even able to increase depth penetration up to fifteen percent. The smaller coil is lighter, and based on the design it will be easier to use without arm fatigue coming into play. You’ll also gain the benefit of better balance when using for extended periods of time.

The Garrett Ace 350 runs on a 1-touch operation system and can be broken into 3 pieces for when treasure hunters must travel between sites. The choice between 5 different search modes exists for allowing users to select the appropriate option for their dig.

Target sensitivity and detection depths are taken into consideration when making this machine. When it comes to the best children’s metal detector the market is somewhat flooded with choice.

Well if you want to start searching for gold you need to get out there to an area you suspect gold is in the ground and start searching! It will help, the metal detectors send back an audio signal that differs depending on the type of metal and size and depth of the object it has found.

Lastly, the Coin/Relic Timing is best for benign ground conditions while the Improved Enhance Timing provides increased ground balance performance and target sensitivity. With eight soil/timings, an amazing range of features, and the legendary ability to see through ground mineralization , the GPX 5000 sets a new gold detecting benchmark.

To make it even more effective, the discrimination settings eliminate unwanted objects, giving your kid a clean sweep over the land. Its adjustable stem means that the whole family can get something out of it, while pinpoint accuracy means you’ll never feel like you’ve wasted your time.

One of the great features to the Whites Treasure Pro metal detector is the 10″ DD waterproof coil that it comes with and is in my opinion the best underwater metal detector . For those of you really looking to take the next step forward in metal detecting, then the Whites Treasure Pro Metal Detector is the way you want to go.

A Spotlight On Realistic Best Metal Detector Products

Our top choice for the very, very best metal detector is the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker. Instead of relying on patchy (at best) guesswork, you use a metal detector! Metal detecting is not a hobby for the impatient that need immediate results. If you want to buy only one machine, and intend to hunt on land and dry sands, choose multi-frequency as it will have a better discrimination range. This may sound like a daft question to some, but I’ve found that proper kit makes metal detecting a more pleasant experience, but there’s no uniform, feel free to wear a mankini if you prefer.


Each coil will represent a specific KHz that excels in metal hunting. Consumers get the best of both worlds by getting a metal detector with dual coils. With power, it is all about the KHz the metal detector supports. It’s not uncommon to find metal detector wands used outside of normal security measures.

If you are a beginner and just starting out, then is it better to try with a less expensive detector until you know if it is a hobby you will stick with?. https://metaldetectorshub.com/metal-detectors/. Will you be searching in the land, in fields and pastures, and the woods etc, will you be searching the beach on wet sand?.

The nine metal detectors we tested cost an average of $307, which is a relatively reasonable price. You should never go on private property without the landowner’s permission, and be cognizant of other people when on public land, like a beach. For instance, if you kept finding nails and soda can pull-tabs that were reading at target IDs between 25 and 35, you can use notching to eliminate that range of numbers and only get readings for values below or above. Discrimination comes in handy because it allows you to filter out metals you don’t want to find, like soda can pull tabs and other trash. Using that data, we calculated how many times each detector got it right and assigned a corresponding grade.

Ground Balance – This doesn’t mean how well you’ll stay on your feet when standing on different surfaces but instead refers to the levels of natural mineralization in the soil you’re searching. Discrimination – The only type of discrimination that we’ll encourage here at Gear Hungry. Lightweight and well-built, especially for a kid’s version, you can sit back, relax and crack a beer, the next generation of treasure hunters is on the case. To make it even more effective, the discrimination settings eliminate unwanted objects, giving your kid a clean sweep over the land. Its adjustable stem means that the whole family can get something out of it, while pinpoint accuracy means you’ll never feel like you’ve wasted your time.

Most state and national parks are totally off-limits when it comes to metal detecting. Refer to your local parks department before you bring a metal detector to a public park. There are some rules around metal detecting that you should abide by, not only out of courtesy for others’ private property but also because the government says so. This metal detector may not be heavy-duty, but it will be an exciting tool for your little one.

For the general detection test, we scattered 12 different objects on top of the sand, separated from one another by several feet. Second, we did a similar test in which we scattered metallic trash around our test items to see if that trash would confuse the detector. Second, the sensitivity feature is used to find objects buried at varying depths. The better radars can read the density and size of the buried object accurately, so if this is what you are concerned with, be sure to get a detector with a high-quality radar. Whereas all detectors give you a rough idea where the object is to be found, the pinpoint mode helps you determine its exact location.

As time marches on, the ground entombs forgotten relics left behind by the populations of yesteryear. If you want to have the freedom to use your detector in any kind of weather or terrain, you’ll want to get a model like the Whites MX Sport, which can be used in up to 10 inches of water and also gives a reliable reading in wet terrain like beaches and swamps.

Expensive metal detectors should be bought after giving this issue your careful consideration. Whites is a company located in USA (Sweet Home, Oregon) and it has been producing metal detectors for several decades already. As for the pricing – for instance, company’s flagship model for searching of gold costs $****. They can be adjusted to search some particular kind of non-iron metals. Some of them have moisture protection due to which they can be used even under water!

It would be great for children who want to get involved in their parents’ treasure hunting but want to have a metal detector of their very own. This high-end model is the most powerful gold nugget detecting handheld metal detector currently on the market. It features a discrimination mode, an extendable handle, and both the stem and search coil are fully waterproof.

The less is soil disturbance level, the deeper metal detector can “see”. At that it should be taken into account that such increase of the depth is possible only when using multi-frequency metal detectors. You can increase the depth of detection by installing a coil of larger diameter, for instance, 15 or 18″. This is what influences how deep your metal detector can “see”.

It comes with a one-touch discrimination and depth control which makes this an excellent detector for beginners or those with limited experience. This high-quality detector from Whites comes with a 10″ waterproof DD coil. This one is a top of the line metal detector that comes with a colored HD display with adjustable backlight.

If you’re just starting out, this is a great way of getting used to what to expect during your searches, however, some ,veteran detectors prefer to switch the target ID off, so that it doesn’t influence their decisions about whether or not to get digging and allows them to treat every find as equally as important. This little add-on makes a world of difference to your detecting activities and is much appreciated by both newbies and more experienced detectors.


Compared – Real-World Metal Detectors Methods

Since magnetic fields are cone-shaped, you will find that your field is the narrowest at the deepest point meaning that your effective depth is probably less than the full width of the coil. Concentric circles emit a cone-shaped search field that will be about as deep and wide as the coil is itself, so if you have a concentric coil with a diameter of 8 inches, your magnetic field will also be 8 inches deep and wide. When you are out shopping for your new gold detector, there are several features that you should use to compare between gold detectors in order to choose the best one for your needs. As a second magnetic current is sent out from the metal object while it reacts to the transmitter coil’s energy, the magnetic polarity change is detected and a signal is transmitted to the loudspeaker using a tone that is based on the strengths and characteristics of the charged metal. As the transmitter becomes animated from a metallic object in the ground, the small receiver coil starts to work looking for any change in the charged ground’s magnetic field.

Most experts recommend the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 as the best entry level metal detector. You have no idea how to go about it but your interest in metal detecting seems to be heightening as time progresses. An ideal solution would be to get the Bounty Hunter model, under $100 and it offers most of the features you’d expect from a more advanced machine, these options might not be the best metal detector out there, but for the price, they offer great value for money. Finding a metal detector for children can be just as easy, and the best part is there are some that are designed for them. This is a great way to break into treasure hunting and some of the features you’ll enjoy include a lightweight design making it easy to carry and also the ability to have a comfortable detector.

Don’t let this put you off, though, as many of the best metal detectors can differentiate between metals worth finding, and metals worth ignoring. The geniusly-named product is designed to – wait for it – detect metal! Shovels – Because how are you going to be able to dig for buried treasure without a shovel?

One of the impressive things about this device is the number of the audio tones. It’s made to avoid inyterfrence with nearby metal deetcors to avoid interference.

Finding jewelry and coins can be a bit of a crap shoot, but people who are persistent and spend a lot of time at beaches and parks can get quite lucky finding valuable jewelry to sell. Maybe you even live in a former gold rush town where prospectors struck it rich back in the 1800s.

You can increase the odds though by purchasing a metal detector that is specifically tuned for gold or has good gold hunting capabilities. Now before I get into the detail of treasure hunting for particular items, I thought I would note that there is no one magical “best metal detector”, and anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t got a clue what they are talking about. Priced at $177.59 at Amazon, Time Ranger is good for professional use at the price of an entry-level metal detector. When you are done swimming or doing water activities, you can hunt for metals at your spare time, but make sure you bring the best beach metal detector. However, if you have been into this hobby for some time, you should choose a metal detector with good accuracy and decent depth so that you can detect metals easily.

Be honest with yourself, it’s likely the machine will get bashed during usage and also in transit if you intend to take it on days out or maybe on holiday. It’s important to note that even if you have a large budget and are itching to get your hands on a top of the line detector, they can be complicated to both set up and fine tune. The majority will provide excellent instructions and often instructional DVD’s to help you get the most out of your machine. We all have to start somewhere and if you have little too no experience you will be glad to hear that many of the metal detectors feature quick start settings.

I love how it’s waterproof so I can take it down by the beach or even to a riverside and not have to worry about if I fall and the detector and I end up both in the river. It features three sensitivity levels and is pretty versatile in finding coins, jewelry, gold, and relics. You can also adjust the detector, depending on the type of ground conditions you are working with, giving you the ability to find those small nuggets with the most technologically advanced detector. • Waterproof – Depending on the model and manufacturer, some metal detectors are totally waterproof with some having the ability to be submerged up to 10 feet.


When using this product we were able to figure out what metal we were digging up way before we even decided if it was worth it. I have solid finds even in heavy granite and iron soil. I never fail to find coins everytime I go out; even if just for 15 mins at a time. At this level there is no need to make things overly complicated, it also makes the transition much easier.

A highly recommended top end metal detector fit for most areas. Coming in at the high end of the budget range this is a serious investment but well worth the money if you are looking for a metal detector that will last you for years to come. The search depth is good for the budget and will pick up a lot of hidden coins and metal objects. The three preset modes for treasure hunting mean it is easy to set up and go, giving you hours of fun without being an expert.

Usually, the area above the high water mark is either privately owned or belongs to a local authority, while the area between the high water mark and the low water mark belongs to the Crown. Amazingly, you won’t need to dig too deep either because, as some experts https://metaldetectorshub.com/metal-detectors/ have pointed out, a ring or coin lost on the surface around 100 to 200 years ago will only sink between 3cm and 20cm over time. A recently ploughed field is the best place to start since the topsoil has just been turned and the ground is soft enough to dig.

In addition, this device’s sturdy design ensures that it can perform well in almost any environment. This device was made to withstand all sorts of conditions and terrains. The device allows you to choose one of three different modes of detection for a tailored detection experience. Thanks to its user-friendly design and relatively low price this device is ideal for newcomers to the field to get a feel for detection. The TK4 from Bounty Hunter is a tough device suited for a wide variety of terrains and metallic objects.

Some models choose to keep the wire internal, but they all connect from the control panel down to the coil. Over 90% of the models on the market use this design, but the difference is not all of them have an exposed coil wire. The coil is at the bottom and it is attached to a long pole with a handle.

Your metal detector should be waterproof if you want to prospect for gold. Coil- also known as the ‘search head’, ‘loop’, ‘antenna’ or ‘search coil’, this is the round disc at the bottom of the metal detector that is the sensing part of the unit. If you’ve ever dreamed of finding buried treasure, or are just looking for a stimulating hobby to keep you active, it might be time to buy that metal detector you’ve been thinking about.

The electric current running through the detector’s transmitter coil generates an electromagnetic field. While metal detectors can utilize several types of technology to operate, the most popular method is very low frequency (VLF) technology. When the coil passes over a target object, an audible signal occurs. If you have any interest in treasure hunting, then you may consider yourself among the beachcomber elite looking for the next big find by the sea. Thanks to its full-color display and included wireless headphones, the White’s Spectra V3i HP jumped up to the top of our list, switching places with our previous top pick, which is still a great buy, but the 10-inch coil and multi-frequency performance of the V3i is just too good.

It has a broad range of models and one of its premium units is Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector. The top three best metal detector for beginners is the Garrett Ace 350. It features 3 different modes, the motion all-metal, discrimination and the 2-tone mode. If you are out to look for the best metal detector, that one is actually what best suits your needs. Metal detecting is now a hobby enjoyed by people who love finding things.

Real-World Best Metal Detectors Secrets – An Introduction

There is a 12.5″ imaging coil, a 9.5″ coil, and the Treasure Hound Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier for a boost in penetration power. Its four modes – discrimination, pinpoint, all metal, and ground grab – are perfect for more narrowed down searches. However, unlike the Gold Bug 2, highly mineralized ground conditions do little to slow down the device. The Gold Bug Pro is one of Fisher metal detectors newest innovations and works as an efficient and highly effective gold detector. It’s known for its amazing sensitivity having the ability to target the smallest of gold nuggets accurately including ones that barely register on digital weighing scales.

There’s also integrated GPS, which allows you to log your finds using the Xchange 2 software, along with an easy-to-use control panel. You also have full control over customization options, including sensitivity and audio volume. Most gold nuggets are found in “difficult” environments with lots of mineralization.